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PEQUAN: Software

CADNA (Control of Accuracy and Debugging for Numerical Applications)

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  • The CADNA library allows to estimate the round-off error propagation on every scientific code written in FORTRAN or C++ language.

PROMISE (PRecision OptiMISE)

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  • PROMISE is a tool to auto-tune the precision of floating-point variables in code. From an initial C or C++ program and a required accuracy on the computed results, PROMISE automatically modifies the floating-point types and maximizes the number of single precision variables.

SAM (Stochastic Arithmetic in Multiprecision)

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  • The SAM library implements discrete stochastic arithmetic in arbitrary precision. It enables round-off error estimation in arbitrary precision programs.


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  • Sollya is both a tool environment and a library for safe floating-point code development. It is particularily targeted to the automatized implementation of mathematical floating-point libraries (libm).


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  • a tool for the automatic implementation of mathematical (libm) functions. A function f is automatically transformed into Gappa-certified C code implementing an approximation polynomial in a given domain with given accuracy.